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How To Save Money On Your Groceries


Providing food for your family is essential and the costs of doing so can vary greatly depending upon your mood, financial position, and whether you’re hungry when you visit the grocery store! But the reality is that food is a big expense for a large number of families, and seeking out ways to save at the grocery store can amount to a great deal of money over time. You might even be able to take the family on a getaway with all the money you can save on groceries over the year if you spend your money effectively. All of us wish we could save more money on groceries, so here’s a quick overview on some useful tips on how to do exactly that.

Plan Your Meals

It’s typical for individuals to head to the supermarket with a list of items they need, but hardly ever do they plan each meal of the week and all the ingredients that are needed. Planning your meals and ingredients beforehand will make it easy for you to spend your money only on what is needed. In doing so, you’ll also should know what you already have at home, so it’s a good idea to use the items you currently have in organising your meals for the week. There are also some meals that are a lot more affordable than others, so if you really intend to save money, go with meals that are low cost but fulfilling. You can discover an abundance of cheap meal menus on the web. It’s also a good idea to have a paper and pen in the kitchen so whenever you run out of a certain ingredient, write it down right away so you remember the next time you’re at the grocery store.

Don’t Visit The Grocery store When You’re Hungry!

It’s important that you always eat some food before going to the supermarket for your weekly shopping. If you’ve ever been to the supermarket when you’re famished, you’ll know what I mean! Personally, I start salivating when I see foods that I like but don’t really need and as a result, they wind up in my shopping trolley. Even if you’ve planned your meals for the week and have a list of ingredients with you, often times the temptations are overpowering and can cause you to spend money on unneeded items.

Use Loyalty Cards

An excellent way to save money on food is to use loyalty cards at the checkout. Frequently, you’ll get a discount on particular items that aren’t displayed and you’ll also receive points which could be used either by buying a gift card or various other featured items. In either case, you’ll be saving money that would otherwise be going down the drain!

Compare Prices

There are many substitutes for the same kind of food so it’s necessary that you spend some time comparing the prices to ensure you get the best value for money. You don’t always need to buy the ‘no frills’ products, but grocery stores will traditionally have sales on a number of items so it’s useful to do your research. Along with this, whenever there’s a sale on a particular item, it’s always a great idea to stock up when the prices are at their lowest. You’ll likewise want to compare the prices of your most commonly used foods at several grocery stores to figure out which items are more affordable. It might be the case where you travel to two grocery stores when carrying out your weekly shopping expedition, but the price savings are well worth it.

Shop In The Evening

I know it sounds difficult particularly after a long day of work, but shopping in the evening is the best time to encounter discounts. Perishable goods like fruits and vegetables and bakery items are typically discounted if there is too much inventory for the next day. The best part is that these items are almost as good as new except cheaper! You’ll be surprised with the amount of discounts you’ll find at the grocery store if you go shopping in the evening.

So there you have it folks! There’s plenty of ways to save money on food and the above tips are really just scratching the surface. If you have the chance to save $20 a week on groceries, which is very feasible, you’ll be saving over $1,000 in the year! Alternatively, if you’ve tried all of the above recommendations and are still struggling to find enough money, it may be best to seek professional advice regarding your financial scenario. If this is the case, talk to Bankruptcy Experts Coffs Harbour on 1300 795 575 or visit their website for more details:

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